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Priest gets a new trailer


A new trailer for Paul Bettany’s comic adaptation Priest has bowed online.

Revealing more plot than the first trailer, as well as showing off some impressive-looking battles, it details a futuristic world where the Church rules with an iron fist.

But they have turned a blind eye to the continued threat of vampires, meaning that Bettany’s warrior priest must take them on alone in his quest to track down his kidnapped niece.

Check out the trailer below…

Shoving in everything except the kitchen sink, this second look at the film doesn’t even try to build up any mystery about its hellish creatures – it shoves as much of them into the two and half minute clippage as it can.

Which is a shame, because the CGI is pretty horrendous stuff. Without it, Priest looks like an enjoyably over-the-top actioner that splices Wild West action with comic book inclinations. Plus Karl Urban being a fanged baddie.

Will the CG ruin the entire thing? Fingers crossed it doesn’t.

Priest opens on 13 May.