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President's Day 4K TV Sale 2020: you can still save big on great TVs today

President's Day 4K TV Sale 2020: you can still save big on great TVs in the holiday's sales
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While the day itself has obviously passed, there are still some President's Day 4K TV sales to take advantage of. And given the fact that 4K TV prices have continued to fall in recent months, these sales present themselves as another great opportunity to upgrade your main screen to a bigger and flashier panel, or pick up a seriously good, smaller TV for another room in the home. They really are bordering on impulse purchase price tags now, with bargains aplenty.

With 4K TVs fast becoming the norm, and the standard for our homes, whatever we use them for, 'price and size' have increasingly become the key (if they weren't before) factors in setting models and makes apart. A good bunch of features will be found in all of the latest screens, but 4K TV sales like this one really help to inform purchasing decisions in terms of getting the most for your money, or making a really shrewd purchase on a smaller panel as a secondary or third choice/use television. 

We've picked out a few highlights of the running-over President's Day 4K TV sales, and although we hope the prices stay at these low levels, we can't guarantee it, so strike now while the iron is hot, we say.

For the fullest disclosure, some of the ones discounted might not be the best gaming TVs per se, but almost all of them will be great for gaming nonetheless.

Samsung NU6900 4K TV | 50-inches | just $295 at Walmart
A truly great price for a medium-to-large sized TV from a top-quality manufacturer. 50-inches of excellence for less than $300? Yes, please.View Deal

Vizio V705-G3 4K TV | 70-inches | only $658 at Walmart
Getting a great big TV can often seem like its prohibitively expensive, but this lovely Vizio offering bucks that trend. A good price for 70-inches of quality 4K TV.View Deal

Hisense 58R6E 4K TV | 58-inches | only $278 at Walmart
A terrific budget option from a reliable brand known to bring us big TVs without breaking the bank.View Deal

Sony XBR49X800G 4K TV | 49-inches | only $449.99 at Best Buy
A more premium brand of TV, the Sony models generally keep their prices a bit more stubbornly, but their quality is undeniable. This price for this size and model of TV is therefore a great offer.View Deal

RCA RTU7074 4K TV | 70-inches | just $429.99 at Walmart
Proving you're not always priced out of big TVs, this massive RCA model offers extremely good bang to buck ratio.View Deal

LG UM7300PUA 4K TV | 55-inches | just $399.99 at Best Buy
Another premium maker of TVs, whenever LG televisions go on sale it's worth taking note, and this one is no different: that's a great price for a quality 55-incher.View Deal

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