Prepare for Titanfall 2 free DLC on November 30

Titanfall 2 is about to get its first dose of DLC on November 30 - and like all of the game's planned updates, it's free. The "Angel City's Most Wanted" DLC will add Angel City,  a fan-favorite map from the original Titanfall, as well as an in-game shop where players can purchase various vanity items for their guns, Pilots, and Titans.

Respawn says it wants to make the process of customizing your look easy and simple; no currency exchange, no randomized loot boxes, no pay-to-win. You see what you want, it costs X amount of money, you pay X amount, you get the thing you want. That's a business model I can get behind.

While not technically part of the Angel City's Most Wanted update, Respawn also announced that it plans to implement double XP weekends, "twists" on familiar game modes (though it did not elaborate on what such twists might be), and giving shout-outs to the guild-like Networks that players can join.

These all sound like good additions to me, and for the price of zero dollars and zero cents, I'm not gonna argue.

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