Pre-E3 06: Square Enix Nintendo Blow-out

Along with the announcement of Crystal Chronicles for Wii, Square Enix also showed off a new Crystal Chronicles title for the Nintendo DS. Hearkening back to the ancient multiplayer days of Crystal Chronicles on GameCube, Codename: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates will use the DS' Wi-Fi capabilities to allow you and three pals to team up in a new crystal questing adventure. Solo players don't have to cry, though, because as the game's executive producer Akitoshi Kawazu said, "the single-player mode will offer Final Fantasy's signature epic tale of 'when people lived in fear of the Crystal.'" It seems that the Crystal Chronicles universe is getting just a touch ominous.

Square Enix showed off some visuals from the new title that depicted some rather large-headed kids bopping around in a chunky 3D world. We witnessed a bird-like Yuke, encased in the race's trademark sorta-silly armor, execute an attack in a world that reminded us of Super Mario 64 DS. Still, the phrase of the day from Square Enix was "no release date yet" - but we're hoping to do even more digging as our E3 week progresses and get some answers, so keep your eyes here.

May 8, 2006