Pre-E3 06: Square Enix Nintendo Blow-out

Also unveiled today for the Nintendo Wii, Codename: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers is currently in development with the on-the-horizon system in mind. Set to premiere on the Wii, Crystal Bearers appeared to contain the four races of characters from the original Crystal Chronicles (originally released on the GameCube), including Selkies, Yukes, Lilties and Clavats.

Crystal Bearers director Toshiyuki Itahana stated that his team has "been able to create a daring fusion of graphics and style that is full of life, while still maintaining basic RPG tradition," thanks to the groundbreaking Wii console. While based in the traditional Crystal Chronicles universe, we noticed some elements from other Final Fantasy titles creeping into the short trailer we saw, like huge warships sprouting cannons and what appeared to be the summoning (or fighting?) of a giant, fire-breathing dragon. Unfortunately, no release date was given, so we'll have to keep a vigilant watch in order to find out for sure if that dragon was into helping or hurting.