Pragmata development is making "steady progress" says Capcom

(Image credit: Capcom)

Pragmata is making "steady progress" in development, according to Capcom.

Just earlier today on October 29, Capcom published their annual report reflecting back on 2021 as a whole, including looking to the future in 2022 and beyond. As part of the look forward, executive corporate officer Yoichi Egawa commented briefly on Pragmata, maintaining that "we are making steady progress on its development."

Pragmata was first announced back in 2020, during a PlayStation hosted event for the PS5 called "The Future of Gaming." Sony's new-gen console hadn't even been fully unveiled at that point, but we were nonetheless treated to a slate of games being confirmed for the upcoming console, just one of which was Pragmata.

There's not a whole lot to go on about Capcom's new title, aside from the fact that it's a new-gen exclusive for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Pragmata's debut trailer featured a futuristic astronaut and a young girl exploring a deserted cityscape, before an object came hurtling through the sky itself, which was revealed to be nothing more than a giant screen. Pragmata has been shrouded in mystery ever since, but will apparently launch in 2023.

Elsewhere in the annual report, Egawa reveals that Pragmata is specifically being used to train up younger employees at Capcom, mentioning how the new game is just one example of younger developers being given the "chance to acquire know-how and skills through hands-on experience in the field as they are assigned to the development of popular IPs and major titles."

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