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Pragmata is a strange new PS5 and Xbox Series X game from Capcom

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Pragmata is an enigmatic new game coming to PS5 (opens in new tab) and Xbox Series X (opens in new tab) from Capcom.

Pragmata was announced with a reveal trailer near the end of the PS5 Future of Gaming event. While trademark sightings previously tipped off the existence of a new game called Pragmata, the trailer just left us with more questions than answers. But at least they're the fun kind of questions, like "Who is actually making this, and why does it not say 'A Hideo Kojima Production' anywhere on it?'"

The trailer starts with a futuristic astronaut exploring what appears to be a modern - albeit completely abandoned - city street. The astronaut launches some kind of a flare into the sky that allows them to track the digital echo of a young girl in an oversized parka. Switching to the girl's perspective as she stares at a planet in the sky, we see she's joined by a holographic cat who has transparent skin so you can see all its bones and guts and stuff. The cat leads her back to the astronaut and they seem to have a hesitant reunion before warped distortions start appearing around them.

Then something crashes through the sky. Literally through it - what we thought was the sky, with a planet or moon hanging in the distance, is revealed to be a giant screen as a satellite falls toward the ground. The astronaut and girl (and a bunch of cars) are flung toward the satellite, and they're about to collide just as the girl interfaces with the astronaut's gear to create another flare round. This one safely enmeshes them in a giant ball of springy cables, launching them around the side of the satellite and out into the vacuum of space.

Then the astronaut and the girl land on a lunar landscape, and we get our first lines of dialogue. I can't make out what the girl asks, but her voice sounds digitized - seems like she's probably an android. Then the astronaut responds, "Freedom. Our freedom." as they look out at the Earth. No, I don't know what just happened either.

Pragmata is coming to PS5 in 2022, though we also know it's planned for Xbox Series X thanks to a tweet (opens in new tab) from Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg.

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