Potential spoilers abound as Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Trophies leak online

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Trophies have leaked online, and there could potentially be story spoilers among them.

True Trophies has posted a complete list of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Trophies, featuring 22 Bronze, 17 Silver, two Gold, and one Platinum Trophy in total. That's 42 Trophies in total for Insomniac's web-slinging sequel if anyone was wondering.

There thankfully aren't any direct story spoilers in the Trophies, but some of them do give rise to questions. For example, there's a Trophy that asks the player to 'Defeat 100 enemies with Evolved Venom abilities.' This has divided users a little on ResetEra - some think it's finally confirmation of a playable Venom, while others say it points to being able to upgrade Peter Parker's own Venom abilities.

Elsewhere, another Silver Trophy is called 'Grains of Sand,' which some think points to Sandman popping up in the sequel. This is admittedly pretty thin - the Trophy description only tasks the player with piecing together collected memories, which doesn't really give us a clear indication as to whether the Sandman himself is making a grainy entrance. 

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 just went gold eight days ago, so perhaps it's not a surprise that Trophies have leaked after Insomniac sent out the master copies of its sequel. Elsewhere, the actor behind Peter Parker has told fans to "get over" the hero's changed face, adding that he doesn't care if the character "looks like a goblin." Hopefully, that's not a Green Goblin.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 launches next month on October 20, exclusive for PS5. Read our full Marvel's Spider-Man 2 preview for what we made of Insomniac's sequel when we played it for ourselves recently. 

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