Poster Gallery: Yes Man & Dragonball

There’s a definite trend in comedy posters at the moment – we’re talking solid colour background with the lead of the film looking off (or at) camera. We blame Steve Carell and the marketing team for The 40-Year-Old Virgin ourselves….

But the latest movie to employ the new favourite technique is Jim Carrey’s new film, Yes Man. For the tale of Carl Allen, a man whose outlook on life changes (not always for the better) when he signs up for a self-help group that has you say yes to everything, we have Carrey doing his best Sound Of Music impersonation on a hillside. Head over to Slash Film for the full version .

Meanwhile, there’s also a new poster out for Dragonball that’s clearly aimed at the Japanese market. We have to admit we’re still not sold on this one (every time we see something from it, we get horrific Power Rangers flashbacks), but there are fans out there and they can go here to see it .

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