Poster gallery: giant robots and ironic burger slingers

Run for the hills! There’s a gigantic robot eye hovering just above the planet, staring down at us with evil intent. All right, don’t panic: it’s just the first teaser picture for Transformers.

Of course, if Michael Bay has his way, that huge Decepticon (the bad guys, in case you don’t know your Transformers lore) would have been built for real. And then blown up. For now, though, he’ll have to settle for this poster, which includes the tagline “Their war. Our world.”

Much closer to release is Kevin Smith’s Clerks II, which has been drawing great reviews from Cannes and just scored big with a Kansas test audience (it’s good we have Kev to keep us all alerted about these things). But we’ve got to admit, these posters look great, even if Brian O’Halloran (Dante) and Jeff Anderson (Randall) aren’t quite as photogenic as Rosario Dawson (Becky). Clerks II will be released on 18 August.

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