Pokemusings, week four

It's time to get your Pokemon ready for even more glorious battling. That's right, Pokemon Battle Revolution is now in stores (be sure to check out ourinitial impressions (opens in new tab)). Although your favorite Pokemon should be ready and roaring to go, now is a great time to examine your team and think about ways to improve it for PBR. Last week, we discussed strategies to diversify your attacks for optimum performance. This week, we're going to talk about two outstanding Pokemon that you might not have considered for combat. Having one or both on your team might make the difference been victory and defeat.

First up is the mighty Wobbuffet. While it's an absolute scourge known to players in the competitive scene, there are a great many gamers that underestimate Wobbuffet's prowess. And really, who can blame them? It looks like a blue slab of Jell-O, it's Team Rocket's comic relief in the cartoon series, and it appears to be wearing lipstick (Revlon's Toast of New York, if we're not mistaken). It's hardly what you'd call intimidating. Yet Wobbuffet is so powerful that it's banned from most tournaments. That, however, shouldn't stop you from terrorizing your friends with this blue beasty.

Wobbuffet's high hit points, defense, and special defense make it difficult to take out. The standard setup for Wobbuffet is Mirror Coat, Counter, Encore, and Safeguard. The first two moves deal back extreme damage from any special attacks and physical attacks (respectively) your opponent deals out. Safeguard protects you from annoying moves like toxic. And finally, Encore will render your enemy useless or force it to switch out if it uses a boost move.

One thing to keep in mind is that you'll need to evolve Wobbuffet from Wynaut if you want Encore. Otherwise you're forced to use Destiny Bond. This isn't a bad option, but Encore maximizes how annoying this Pokemon can be. Don't be fooled by its goofy, innocuous appearance! This is one of the toughest and most irritating Pokemon to take out.