Pokemusings, week four

When raising your Wobbuffet, ignore its attack and special attack. This Pokemon is most effective when making countermoves based on its foe's offense. Therefore manipulating its stats to maximize its hit points, defense, and special defense should be your goals.

Togekiss is a pretty well-balanced Pokemon. It has strong special attack, special defense, and defense ratings, while its speed and hit points are above average. Just ignore its attack stat and focus on raising Togekiss' speed and special attack.

For this week's giveaway, the prizes are a Wynaut and a Togepi! The former can be raised to become a fearsome Wobbuffet, while the latter can turn into an excellent Togekiss. While lots of players would overlook these two Pokemon, we urge you not to make the same mistake. They're just brilliant in battle.

To win these Pokemon, just head to ourPokemon forumsand look for a thread called "Pokemusings, Week Four: Win a Togepi and a Wynaut!!!" Be sure to join us next week when we'll be covering ways to speed up the arcane process of happiness evolution!