Pokemon Van Gogh merch is back and this time these gorgeous pieces aren’t getting snatched up by scalpers

Pokemon Van Gogh crossover playmat, sleeves, and deck box
(Image credit: Pokemon Company)

The Pokemon Van Gogh merch is finally back in stock after the fevered response the collaboration received in September of last year. After the crossover hit, the Vincent Van Gogh Museum was totally stormed by fans (and scalpers), leaving art-loving Pokemon players with little choice other than braving massive markups on the resale market.

Thankfully, those in the US can visit the official Pokemon Center site (UK fans can also hop on their Pokemon Center store too) right now and check out many of those popular pieces going for a far more reasonable price than we've seen from Pokemon Van Gogh merch elsewhere. At their actual RRP, it’s a whole lot easier to justify picking up the quirky merch of Pokemon inserted into Van Gogh’s most beloved artworks.

The range embraces the franchise's reputation as one of the best card games and includes a plethora of products that’ll add a little Post-Impressionist flair to your Pokemon TCG loadout including playmats, sleeves, and deck boxes. Although, if trading cards aren’t your thing, you’ll find all the museum gift-shop essentials like plushies, postcards, notebooks, and tote bags too.

Pikachu blush in Vincent Van Gogh outfit with paintbrush and palette

(Image credit: Pokemon Company)

While I think everything on offer is ridiculously cute, the real masterpiece of the collection is Pikachu x Van Gogh Museum plush. This 7 ¾” plush has the iconic Electric-type Pokemon sporting a mini Vincent cosplay with a straw hat, an itty bitty blue shirt, a paintbrush, and a palette. I really can’t decide if this would make the perfect gift for any nerdy art lovers in my life or if I should just treat myself to it instead!

The exclusive Van Gogh Pokemon cards – including the infamous Pikachu with a Grey Felt Hat – are understandably not present in this restock and so, there’s a bit less of a frenzy around it. That said, these products are still mighty hot drops and the figures, wall art, and pins from this collection are already out of stock after less than 24 hours. With that in mind, if you have your eye on any of these Poke-products, make sure to pop them in your basket sooner rather than later.

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