Pokemon Unite is getting another support Pokemon in the form of Blissey

Blissey in Pokemon Unite
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Pokemon Unite is getting another support Pokemon in the form of normal-type Pokemon Blissey. 

Announced via the Pokemon Unite official Twitter account (opens in new tab), Blissey will be joining the Pokemon MOBA in just a few day's time on August 18, 2021. Following the likes of Wigglytuff, Mr. Mime, and Eldegoss, Blissey will join the game as a ‘support’ Pokemon who backs up the team by inflicting status conditions on opponents and healing allies. 

According to the tweet announcing the adorable Pokemon’s arrival, Blissey’s Unite move 'Bliss Assistance' will allow the Pokemon to "dash to an ally’s aid and protect that ally from attacks," which we got a small glimpse of in action via a short clip attached to the tweet. 

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This new role for Blissey feels appropriate as in the Pokemon anime, the gen 2 Pokemon can usually be found by nurse Joy’s side assisting in the revival of tired Pokemon at the Pokemon Center. Blissey is actually the final evolution of the Pokemon who starts out life as a Happiny and later evolves into a Chansey. However, we’re not sure if these evolutions will also be making their way into the game. 

Blissey is the latest new character to join Pokemon Unite following Ranged Attacker Gardevoir who joined the game late last month. Gardevoir was the first new Pokemon to join the game that was not originally included in the main 20. 

Still not sure if Pokemon Unite is for you? Here’s what you need to know. The latest Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch combines the characters long-time fans know and love with MOBA-style gameplay, something completely new to fans of the series. 

It doesn’t look like Nintendo plans to stop experimenting with Pokemon any time soon either as Pokemon Legends: Arceus - an open-world Pokemon game - is also currently in development and is due to release early next year. 

Want to try out some of the other games in the series? Take a look at our list of the best Pokemon games for inspiration. 

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