Gardevoir is now available as Pokemon Unite's first new character

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Update: The first new Pokemon Unite character, Gardevoir, is now available, and Nintendo has revealed what players can expect from the Psychic/Fairy type addition.

A new tweet detailed Gardevoir's stats and move set. As expected as a Ranged Attacker, the Pokemon's Offense and Scoring stats are potent, but its major weaknesses stem from its Endurance and Mobility.

When it comes to abilities, Gardevoir will start with a choice between Teleport and Confusion. At level six, it'll gain access to either Psyshock or Future Sight, and at level either, it'll get Psychic or Moonblast. As well as its passive, Synchronize, it also has access to its Unite Move, Fairy Singularity, from level ten.

Original story:
Pokemon Unite is getting its first new character, the psychic-type Pokemon Gardevoir.

In a tweet earlier today, the game's official Twitter account confirmed that the new arrival would be hitting the shores of the game's Aeos Island location tomorrow, July 28. An accompanying trailer shows players using Gardevoir's psychic abilities to "warp time and space," dispatching a series of Pokemon - including a Pikachu, and a combination of Lucario and Eldegoss - in pitched battles, as well as scoring points in a fight against a neutral Corphish and by scoring in the opposing team's goal.

As the first new addition to the game's roster, and the game's 21st playable character, it'll be interesting to see how Gardevoir fits into Pokemon Unite. Nintendo didn't show off its pre-evolutions, Ralts and Kirlia, but it seems likely that those Pokemon will feature too. We also know that Gardevoir will feature in the game as a Ranged Attacker, joining the likes of Venusaur, Cramorant, Greninja, and Cinderace. That means that while it'll have low endurance - making positioning key - it'll be able to deal serious damage to even distant foes.

Pokemon Unite - which combines the iconic franchise with MOBA-style gameplay for the first time - is just one of a series of Pokemon games that are changing up the classic formula. New Pokemon Snap revisited the photographic N64 classic earlier this year, and while Gen 4 remakes Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl promise to be fairly standard fare, the open-world, historical themed Pokemon Legends: Arceus promises to completely switch up the formula when it launches early next year.

Nintendo first announced Pokemon Unite during a Pokemon-themed Direct last summer, but the game only launched on Nintendo Switch last week, with a mobile version set to arrive in a few months' time. If you've not checked it out yet, it's worth noting that despite its multiplayer features, you won't need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play, so you can try it for free.

If you want to be the very best, like no-one ever was, check out our list of Pokemon Unite tips to help you get off to a flying start.

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