Pokemon Go Mega Scizor Raid Counters and best movesets

Pokemon Go Mega Scizor
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The upcoming insect themed event means you'll want Pokemon Go Mega Scizor counters to catch the creepy crawly when it arrives in Raids - from Wednesday, August 10 until Thursday, August 18 trainers will have the opportunity to battle and catch as many Mega Scizor as possible during the Pokemon Go Bug Out Event.

Pokemon Go trainers already have a Steel-type Mega Evolution in the form of Mega Steelix but Scizor provides a more powerful Steel attacker to take down those Rock, Ice and Fairy-type Pokemon. And while Mega Beedrill is a powerful Bug-type attacker, Scizor’s typing makes it a more bulky option in these Raids.

Mega Scizor will change how trainers approach Legendary and Mega Raids moving forward, but first, we have this guide to assist players in beating and catching this new Pokemon in as efficient a way as possible. We've also got some Pokemon Go Genesect counters as well if you want to catch the Steel and Bug-type Pokemon also appearing during the event. 

Mega Scizor Raid Counters

Pokemon Go Mega charizard

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Mega Scizor is a Bug and Steel-type Pokemon, making it weak to just Fire-type moves. Again, the strategy here is very similar to our Pokemon Go Gensect counters: bring as many Fire types as possible into battle including a handful of Megas.

Mega Charizard X and Y are great options as they both resist Mega Scizor’s attacks - more on that in the next section - and can deal plenty of damage. Fire-type Megas will boost the power of these moves for other Pokemon on your team and any other trainer that joins you in the Raid.

Houndoom’s Mega is also a great choice, but its Dark typing could leave it a little susceptible to Scizor’s Bug moves as it hits the Johto-region dog Pokemon neutrally. 

Non-Mega options should include the powerful Legendaries Reshiram, Heatran and Moltres as they can all deal major damage and tank many of Scizor’s hits. 

Here’s a list of counters that can help trainers take down Mega Scizor.

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Pokemon Go Mega Scizor Counters
Mega Charizard X or YFire Spin and Blast Burn
Mega HoundoomFire Fang and Fire Blast
ReshiramFire Fang and Overheat
HeatranFire Spin and Flamethrower
ChandelureFire Spin and Overheat
EnteiFire Fang and Overheat
BlazikenFire Spin and Blast Burn
EmboarEmber and Blast Burn
DarmanitanFire Fang and Overheat
MoltresFire Spin and Heat Wave

Fire Spin and Heat Wave

Similar to Genesect, Mega Scizor will have a Bug and Steel-type Fast Attack option. Both are resisted by both Mega Charizards as well as most Fire types so they should be safe from Scizor’s main attacks.

If you had to choose one Mega Zard, we recommend Y as its Flying typing will resist Mega Scizor’s Bug attacks four times as effectively. Again, Mega Houndoom’s Dark typing makes Scizor’s Bug moves hit it neutral so be aware of that when going into battle.

As for Mega Scizor’s Charged Attacks, trainers should apply the above tactics against X-Scissor (Bug) and Iron Head (Steel) as they did with the Pokemon’s Fast Attacks. 

Night Slash is a Dark-type attack that would hit some Fire types like Alolan Marowak and Chandelure super effectively so you may want to avoid bringing them into battle although Scizor only has a ~33 percent chance of having it in its arsenal. 

This move also makes Fire types with the Fighting-type as its secondary typing, like Blaziken and Emboar, more effective as they can resist all five possible moves Scizor can use. As always, we recommend looking at what the game recommends you bring before choosing. If Fighting types are recommended then there’s a good chance Scizor has Night Slash as its Charged Attack.

Here’s a list of Mega Scizor’s attacks in Pokemon Go.

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Fast AttackCharged Attack
Bullet PunchX-Scissor
Fury CutterIron Head
Row 2 - Cell 0 Night Slash
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