Pokemon Go Mega Absol counters and everything you need to know

Pokemon Go Mega Absol counters
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These Pokémon Go Mega Absol counters will help you capture the the new Mega Pokemon debuting in Pokemon Go for the Halloween season. From the Hoenn region, Mega Absol has a boost in power and adds another powerful Dark-type option for trainers to utilize in battles and Raids in the future.

Mega Absol is not as unique as some other Mega Pokemon. It doesn’t change its typing or give it access to any unique moves, but like other Megas the power boost and the ability to boost the power of Dark types is something trainers will want to add to their collection especially when there are some powerful Ghost and Psychic types that will be appearing in Raids periodically.

Trainers looking for the best way and the best team to take down Mega Absol easily and efficiently will want to read on. 

Pokemon Go Mega Absol Counters 

Pokemon Go Mega Absol counters

(Image credit: Niantic)

Mega Absol is a pure Dark-type making it weak to Bug, Fighting and Fairy-type attacks. Experienced trainers will likely have some powerful Fighting and Fairy types to take into battle, but there may be some Bug types that they may want to consider.

Mega Beedrill is the best Bug-type option to take into battle against Mega Absol. It has access to two different Bug-type moves and can boost the Bug (and Poison) attacks that your team, and the team of other trainers who join you in the Raid, use. 

Another Mega option is Mega Lopunny. Many Pokemon Go trainers may forget about this Pokemon but it shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a powerful Fighting-type that has access to Fighting-type moves that can chip away at Mega Absol’s health easily. Like Mega Beedrill, Mega Lopunny will boost the attack of Fighting (and Normal) attacks for you and your teammates. 

If you don’t have access to these Megas, there are plenty of Fighting and Fairy types to use. Any Pokemon that has the Counter Fast attack like Hariyama, Machamp and Conkeldurr are essential. Fairy types that have the Charm Fast attack are equally as necessary and there are plenty of Pokemon that can use them including Togekiss, Gardevoir and Granbull.

Here are a list of Mega Absol counters that trainers should consider. 

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Mega Absol Counters
Mega BeedrillBug Bite and X-Scissor
Mega LopunnyLow Kick and Focus Blast
MachampCounter and Dynamic Punch
HariyamaCounter and Dynamic Punch
LucarioCounter and Aura Sphere
ConkeldurrCounter and Dynamic Punch
TogekissCharm and Dazzling Gleam
GranbullCharm and Play Rough
GardevoirCharm and Dazzling Gleam
BreloomCounter and Dynamic Punch

Pokemon Go Mega Absol Moveset 

Being a Dark-type, trainers should expect some Dark moves from Mega Absol. It has access to Snarl and Psycho Cut as its Fast attacks. Snarl shouldn’t be a big deal as Fighting and Fairy types resist that attack. However, Fighting types will want to try and avoid Mega Absol that brings Psycho Cut into battle. Mega Beedrill’s Poison typing could also have a hard time with Mega Absol that uses this move. 

The recommended team screen when you first enter a Raid will help you scout which attacks Mega Absol will bring. If it suggests a bunch of Fairy types, it likely has Psycho Cut. If it suggest Fighting types then it likely has Snarl as it Fast attack. Be sure to check this out before entering the battle.

As for Mega Absol’s Charged attacks, it has access to four. Dark Pulse and Payback are Dark-type moves so Fighting and Fairy types won’t be bothered by it. Mega Absol also has access to the powerful Bug-type attack, Megahorn. Again, Fighting and Fairy types resist this move, but just in case you’re bringing a Psychic, Dark or Grass type you should be wary of this move.

Thunder,  powerful Electric-type move, is also an option for Mega Absol and will spell trouble for any Flying and Water types you may bring.

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Mega Absol Moveset
Fast AttackCharged Attack
Psycho CutDark Pulse
Row 2 - Cell 0 Payback
Row 3 - Cell 0 Megahorn

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