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Pokemon Go is finally getting a Gible Community Day

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company/Bulbapedia)

Niantic is finally giving Pokemon Go players the Community Day Pokemon they've been asking for: the ugly cute, but frustratingly rare Gible.

The studio behind the creature-catching mobile game broke tradition Friday afternoon and announced the next Community Day's featured Pokemon early. "Gible. June 6. That's it. That's the tweet," Niantic writes along with the Pokemon Go Community Day hashtag. 

As GamesRadar's resident Pokemon Goer Ford James told me, this is a big deal. Gible is extremely hard to find in the wild, but come June 6, you won't be able to move for 'em. People weren't too pleased about May's Community Day Pokemon being Swablu - who, in my opinion, didn't deserve the backlash - so this should bring Niantic back into their good graces.

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Of course, not (opens in new tab) everyone's (opens in new tab) happy (opens in new tab) about Gible's big day, especially those who had previously worked really hard to catch one the old way: getting enough 10km eggs to eventually hatch one, grinding through raids, or being lucky enough to find one in the wild. But just look at it this way: now your lonely shiny Gible can have a friend or two to hang out with and make fun of the lesser non-Gibles in your Pokedex.

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