Pokemon Go has "other initiatives" to keep it going when it runs out of new Pokemon

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Pokemon Go developer Niantic has "other initiatives" in mind to keep the game moving forward when it eventually runs out of new Pokemon.

Speaking with Eurogamer ahead of the upcoming UK Safari Zone event, EMEA product marketing manager Philip Marz touched on the terrifying reality that there are, in fact, only so many Pokemon in the world. Pokemon Go has expanded by adding new activities and features, but those are all centrally tied to Pokemon, with new Pokemon and generations fueling the biggest updates. So when the day comes that all existing Pokemon are already in the game, what's next?

"From a content standpoint, even if there's a limitation in terms of the Pokémon that are still available, there's a couple of different other initiatives we are thinking about to keep the momentum going, actually, and really pay into that mission and ambition to make Pokémon Go a forever game not only for the next five years, but maybe 10-15," Marz says. "Who knows, actually, but I think the record of the past five years has put us in a great position to continue that momentum."

Marz, along with global product marketing director Michael Sterenka, stressed the evolution of augmented reality technology throughout the interview, which may suggest that Pokemon Go will create new ways to display and interact with Pokemon Go's many creatures in the future. Some fans have also read Marz's comments as a hint at unique Pokemon that could debut in Pokemon Go or even stay exclusive to it. 

"The fact that Pokémon Go is a product rooted in the real world as an augmented reality game means there's always real world things we need to adapt to and evolve with," Sterenka added. "And that keeps things very fresh and exciting."

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