Pokemon Go contest gives you the chance to become an in-game character

Pokemon Go
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A new Pokemon Go contest is giving players the chance to appear in-game as Trainer characters for the upcoming Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event.

Niantic announced today that as part of the event, players will be able to battle with Trainer NPCs around the map, regardless of whether they have a ticket or not. There will also be some special Timed Research tasks for everyone to complete during the event. The addition of Trainer characters, Niantic hopes, "will help recreate the original Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green gameplay experiences."

From now until Monday, January 11 at 11:59pm PST / 2:59pm EST, you can submit your Pokemon Go avatar to be one of the new in-game Trainer characters. The contest rules are pretty simple, and you should be able to submit your entry in just a few minutes, which is a small price to pay for a potential claim to Pokemon fame. Just share the following to Twitter by the deadline:

  • A screenshot of your Trainer profile that includes your Trainer name and shows off your avatar's outfit.
  • A list of three Pokémon that would make up your team. These Pokémon must be among those originally discovered in the Kanto region and cannot include Ditto, or any Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.
  • The hashtag #PokemonGOTourContest.

Before you submit your entry, it's a good idea to think about which Pokemon you want on your team and give your avatar a themed makeover. Niantic says it's judging entries for "Creativity of avatar outfit," "General theme," and "Pokémon team composition." 

"Try giving yourself a theme, like a cool and dynamic Electric-type Trainer or a fluid and powerful Water-type Trainer. Maybe you want to show off that you're on Team Instinct, Team Mystic, or Team Valor? The possibilities are endless—this is your chance to make your mark on Pokémon GO, so have fun with your Trainer character's design," Niantic says.

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