Pokemon Go Community Day focusing on Eevee kicking off next month

Pokemon Go
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Pokemon Go is getting an August Community Day Event next month, and it's all featured around Eevee.

Earlier today on the official Pokemon Go website, Niantic revealed new details of the forthcoming August Community Day. Previously, Community Day events like this would typically only take place over the course of one day, but this time Niantic is keeping the festivities going for two days, as Eevee's special event runs from Saturday, August 14 to Sunday, August 15.

This new event in Pokemon Go is putting a special focus on Eevee for even longer, however. Starting on Friday, August 13 and running on until Monday, August 16, any of Eevee's special evolutions will come with a pre-equipped special ability. For example, Vaporeon will be kitted out with the Scald ability, while Jolteon will have a unique Zap Cannon movie, and Flareon will have a big Superpower move.

Additionally, any Eevee hatched during this time period will have the Last Resort move ready to go, and evolving Eevee into a Sylveon will require only seven hearts, a drastic decrease from the usual 70 hearts. An increased number of Eevees will appear all throughout the game while the new August Community Day Event rolls on, so this is a prime opportunity to bag yourself an incredibly rare Shiny version of the creature.

That's not all though, because over the two days that the event is running for, Eggs will require one quarter of their usual hatch distance, Incense activated will last for a grand total of three hours, and Lure Modules activated during the event will last for the same time. Finally, for $1, you'll be able to access the exclusive Eevee-related Special Research story, and although tickets aren't live for purchasing at the time of writing, the Pokemon Go website already states that this in-game activity won't reward you with a medal.

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