All the Pokemon Legends: Arceus wisps locations

catching a wisp in Pokemon Legends: Arceus
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Collecting all 107 Pokemon Legends: Arceus wisps is quite the undertaking, and although it might look like completing Request 22 - entitled Eerie Apparitions in the Night - might only get you a few mediocre rewards, there is a unique Pokemon to nab at the end of it for all your hard work. 

Below you'll find the maps for each of the Hisui regions with markers for where to find each of the wisps. It's easiest to looking for these at night so they stand out more brightly while riding around on Braviary. 

Make sure to click the cross in the top right of each map to make it fullscreen. 

After the maps, we'll walk you through what to do once you've found them all. 

Note, you'll want to head back to speak to Nessa on the riverside by the Pastures in Jubilife Village as she'll give you rewards at different points on your collecting journey. The rewards are as follows:

  • 5 wisps - Oval Stone
  • 10 wisps - Rare Candy
  • 20 wisps - Seed of Mastery
  • 30 Wisps - Dusk Stone
  • 40 Wisps - Exp. Candy L
  • 50 Wisps - Linking Cord
  • 60 Wisps - 5 Grit Pebbles
  • 70 Wisps - Scrap of Reaper Cloth
  • 80 Wisps - 3 Seeds of Mastery
  • 90  Wisps - 3 Exp. Candy XL
  • 100 Wisps - 3 Grit Rocks

Wisp maps

1. Jubilife Village

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2. Obsidian Fieldlands

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3. Crimson Mirelands

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4. Cobalt Coastlands

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5. Coronet Highlands

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N.B Two of these wisps are within the cave system to the northwest of Heavenward.

6. Alabaster Icelands

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N.B One of the wisps is in the interconnected cave system beneath Avalugg's Legacy - the actual wisp is located beneath where there are two markers clustered together. The entrances are to the east and west of that.

Next steps

How to get Spiritomb

Shrouded Ruins in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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Once you've collected all 107 of those pesky Pokemon Legends: Arceus wisps, head back to Jubilife Village and speak to Nessa. She'll reward you with one last piece of the mystery. She'll ask you to meet her at the Shrouded Ruins "at the same time we met" - aka at night. 

Once you get there she'll reveal that she's been holding back a wisp this entire time, and there are actually 108. 

It's then that she'll disappear, you'll interact with the final wisp, and a mysterious Pokemon will appear in her wake. This is your one and only chance to get Spiritomb, so be careful!

Spiritomb in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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