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PlayStation VR Launch Bundle packs in camera and Move controllers for $499

The $399 PlayStation VR package (opens in new tab) doesn't come with a PS4 Camera or Move controllers, but Sony will sell a discounted bundle for players who want it all. Since you need a PS4 Camera for VR (opens in new tab), and some games recommend or require using Move controllers instead of a DualShock 4, this is a very handy package for people who previously passed on the Sony peripherals.

For an extra Benjamin, the $499 PlayStation VR Launch Bundle packs in the contents of the PlayStation VR Core Bundle (opens in new tab), a PS4 Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers (not to be confused with PS Move Navigation controllers, which don't have that little light-up ball for the camera to track), and a PlayStation VR Worlds (opens in new tab) disc. The bundle has only been announced for North America so far.

Taken at their standard prices, that's a savings of about $60 for the camera ($60) and Move controllers ($50 each) alone - though they've both been on the market for a while, so you can probably get them for quite a bit under MSRP if you poke around on Amazon or eBay. Add in PlayStation VR Worlds, which will likely retail somewhere between $40 and $60, and it's a tidy savings over purchasing all the pieces individually.

Sony says the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle will be available "exclusively for pre-sale and in limited quantities" at participating retailers. The first round of pre-orders will open on Tuesday, March 22, and more will go up for grabs over the summer. Oddly, Sony says the Core PlayStation VR Bundle won't be available for pre-order, so this may be your best chance to guarantee access to the headset ahead of time.

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Connor Sheridan
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