PlayStation VR Worlds bundles 5 games for your 'show off to friends' starter kit

Bundling hard-boiled shooter London Heist with four other games, PlayStation VR Worlds looks like exactly the kind of thing you'll want to pop into your PS4 when you're showing your new PlayStation VR headset off (don't forget that Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation VR experience, though). Each one was developed specifically for the system by SCE London Studio, so it should make a very nice tech demo, at the very least.

As you may have already seen, London Heist sets you against hordes of mobsters in a VR first-person shooting experience. It can be played with a DualShock 4, though London Studio recommends using a pair of optional PS Move controllers for the best experience.

The four remaining games include deep-sea diving horror game Into The Deep, which already sounds like nightmare fuel; VR Luge, which lets you roll down virtual hillsides at eye-watering speed; Danger Ball, a headbutting sport of neon-future-murder-Pong; and Scavenger's Odyssey, which gives you an agile alien vehicle to leap gaps, haul debris, and blast hostile creatures.

London Studio didn't say when it plans to release PlayStation VR Worlds, but if it's not out in time for the PlayStation VR release date in October, I would be very surprised.

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