PlayStation VR is getting a Star Wars Battlefront game

By now I'm assuming you've seen the PlayStation VR $400 price (opens in new tab) and found out what's in the PS VR box (opens in new tab) (clue: not the bloody camera or Move controllers (opens in new tab)). So it's a somewhat bitter-sweet announcement.

However, moving on: we do at least have a Star Wars VR game on the way because we all want to wave virtual reality lightsabers around. Don't lie. Details are scarce and all we have for sure is that it's a Battlefront thing from DICE and LucasFilm, and a PS VR exclusive.

Here's what PlayStation boss Andy House had to say, slipping the reveal in at the end of Sony's GDC presentation:

"We at PlayStation are thrilled to be partnering with our friends EA and LucasFilm to create something all new for PlayStation VR. This will be a Star Wars Battlefront gaming experience like nothing else; coming only to PlayStation VR from the talented team at DICE, where players can transport themselves to a galaxy far far way".

Admit it, you're excited. Pressing a button on the Move controller for that PFFFSSSZZZZZzzz noise and then waving it around? So in.

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Leon Hurley
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