PlayStation launches new 'Seize the Throne' competition over PS4 and PS5

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PlayStation is launching a new series of community-based challenges with rewards over both PS4 and PS5.

Earlier today on October 28, the PlayStation Blog revealed "Seize the Throne," a brand new initiative aimed at rewarding PS4 and PS5 players for time spent playing games. You can register to enter the new community-based competition using your PSN ID right here, which automatically enrolls you in all future stages of the competition.

The first stage of said competition will be kicking off next week on November 2. After this date, you'll earn points towards the community challenge for every hour spent playing any game on PS4 or PS5, and you'll accrue even more points if you spend multiple hours playing the same game along with another player on your Friends list on either console.

You'll also earn points for the challenge whenever you upload a photo from your PS4 or PS5 to any social media sites or earning Trophies. The latter of which is capped to six per day, unfortunately, so if you earn eight Trophies in one day on PS4 or PS5, the final two Trophies won't count towards your points accumulated.

There's a series of rewards based on the points earned by players around the world, and this will run on for three weeks in total. In stage one for example, which begins on November 2, every PS4 and PS5 player will unlock two new exclusive PSN Avatars if the entire player base earns a combined 25 million points.

Next, for stage two, there are five PSN Avatars up for grabs if the community surpasses 100 million points earned. Then, finally, there's one PS4 theme and three more PSN Avatars as rewards for the third stage of the competition, if players can surpass 160 million points earned. You can check out a complete range of the points-based rewards just below.


(Image credit: PlayStation)

It's a pretty decent competition, in all, with some nice rewards up for grabs without players having to spend a single dollar. It's also good to see that PlayStation is extending the competition over both the PS4 and PS5 consoles, since there's undoubtedly millions of PS4 players out there who are yet to find a PS5 to get their hands on.

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