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PlayStation All-Stars guest star in Robot Chicken

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale answers the inevitable questions of who would win in a fight, but Robot Chicken may answer the more pressing question: which PlayStation character is most likely to take the last of the coffee without making more?

Matt Senreich, executive producer and co-creator of the Adult Swim stop-motion parody series, revealed the crossover of crossovers on the PlayStation Blog today--tonight's episode airing at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific will feature the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale breakroom exploits of Nathan Drake, Sweet Tooth, and a rather threatening Sackboy.

Adult Swim guest appearances are getting to be a popular way to advertise games, though in this case the two series have a decent amount in common. Just trade out video games for '80s toy lines and multiplayer combat for crude humor and you're there!

Connor Sheridan
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