Play PSone games on PS3 with new firmware update

Sony has released a new PS3 firmware update that allows US and Japanese owners to play their downloaded PSone games on the PS3. Previously, downloaded PSone games were only compatible with PSP. But the new firmware, which is now at version 1.7, lets certain games also work on PS3.

From what we can make out on the official Japanese website, PS3-compatible PSone games will go liveon April 26.

The best thing is that the PSone save files are also transferable so, for example, you could start an adventure on your PS3, then transfer the game and save file to your PSP and continue on the move.

Surprisingly, the firmware update prompt also appears on European PS3s, suggesting that the PSone game download service, which is currently only available in the US and Japan, might soon make its way to Europe.

The update reportedly also enables rumble support when playing PSone and PS2 games for Dual Shock pads plugged into the PS3 via a USB adaptor. We're awaiting confirmation from Sony.

April 19, 2007