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Play Mario Kart like never before with this officially licensed Nintendo Switch wheel

Play Mario Kart like never before with this officially licensed Nintendo Switch wheel
(Image credit: Hori)

Ever wanted to race Mario Kart 8 with a proper steering wheel and seriously enhance the realism? Ahem. Well, as of January you can! This unique Mario Kart steering wheel from Hori is available to pre-order for £59.99 at Amazon UK, and it comes with onboard controls and pedals for an arcade like experience. It had been spotted for $69.99 over on Amazon US, but at the time of writing, the product page isn’t available. 

The wheel itself boasts all the buttons you’d expect from a Switch controller, including a D-Pad, face buttons, the share button, and ZL + ZR on the face. On top of that, it also has paddles behind the wheel of an extra authentic touch. What sets this apart from most Switch racing wheels, which encase a Joy-Con in a plastic wheel, is the foot pedal set-up that lets you accelerate and brake like an actual go-kart, adding a new dimension to play.

Plus, it’ll certainly help you stand out from the crowd, thanks to its bold red wheel that mimics Mario’s distinctive colours. While it’s not quite track ready - it’ll be released in the UK on January 3, 2020 - here are a selection of the best Nintendo Switch Deals you can get right now so you can be prepared to try it out. 

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