Pineapple and Panda

We don’t want to say too much about this leaked, Red Band (i.e. lots of swearing and violence) trailer for Pineapple Express, except to say that it’s from the people who bought us Superbad, it’s directed by David Gordon Green and it looks bloody good. Oh, and it’s loaded with Seth Rogen, James Franco and more marijuana humour than a Cheech & Chong film festival.

The trailer’s here at Trailer Addict and September can’t get here quick enough for us.

And for a total change of pace, we have pandas. Sweet, furry critters often to be found snacking on bamboo and worrying that they might become extinct. At least, that’s outside of cartoons. DreamWorks’ latest aims to prove that a panda can also be a raging martial arts machine.

The full trailer’s out, and while it doesn’t exactly break the originality barrier when it comes to jokes, it does at least look like fun, with Jack Black as our hero with a destiny and Dustin Hoffman as the kung fu master tasked with knocking him into shape. Just try not to wince at the “pandemonium” tag line.

source:( Trailer Addict ) ( MovieFone )

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