Phantasy Star screen reveal

Monday 12 June 2006
Take a look at these 10 new screens from online RPG Phantasy Star Universe, the much-awaited follow-up to the excellent Phantasy Star Online, which is set for Japanese release on 31 August and will hit UK shores by the end of the year.

The new screens focus on the blades 'n' bullets combat of the game, but also offer a glimpse of the player-controlled vehicles that are new to the series. And by 'vehicles' we also mean 'animals' - check out the shot of the Chocobo-style mount that's on offer.

There's a great sense of the variety in the environments that crop up as you explore the 20+ dungeons in the game, and tackle some 15 bosses; a welcome bit of expansion, next to the stingy handful of stages that made up the original.

Players congregate in teams of four or less, before venturing out on to the surface of the planets that make up the Gurhal system, with a great big single-player mode (with around 40 hours of missions) to keep you at it when everyone else has crept off to bed.