Pen To Paper: She's signed here, he's back for this and we're loving that...

After her energised performance as kinky man-limpet Gloria in Wedding Crashers, it’s no surprise to hear Aussie breakout Isla Fisher has scribbled on the dotted line to star opposite Jason Biggs in the romantic comedy In The Pleasure Of Your Company. American Pie’s pastry king will play an eternal pessimist who gets dared into asking Fisher’s waitress to marry him. If Pleasure follows the prescribed rom-com tradition, the twosome will get on famously until she discovers it was ALL A DARE. Cut to messy break-up and last-minute rapprochement. Just a hunch, though… Shooting kicks off next month in New York.

After years of speculation, it’s been confirmed that Sylvester Stallone will lace up his gloves for Rocky 6 this December. The past-it pugilist heads back to the local sluggers circuit to make a few extra bucks, but ends up being enticed back into the spotlight when the undefeated and hugely unpopular heavyweight champion Mason Dixon offers the Stallion one last shot at the belt.

The first few pages of the Rocky 6 script were printed in Stallone’s own magazine Sly in March. We’ve read ’em and, well, suffice to say Sly’s looking to land a punch for OAPs everywhere – the beefy superstar may be approaching 60 but clearly has ruled out early retirement. (And if Rocky Balboa rocks your world, make sure you pick up the December issue of Total Film, because Stallone’ll be talking us through his boxing franchise – and reveals a few more titbits about Rocky 6. It hits the shelves on 3rd November.)

Finally, after spilling the beans on the proposed evildoers in Spider-Man 3, Kirsten Dunst, aka flame-haired arachnid lover Mary Jane, has now revealed that she’s unlikely to return for part four if the franchise carries on. “Unless they pay me an exorbitant amount of money, this will be my last one,” Dunst said. “If there is more of a story to tell and Sam Raimi is on board, and everyone is, then maybe. But I’m only signed to do three movies.”

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