Pedro Almodovar picks a new project

The way Pedro Almodovar chooses projects, you can almost imagine him sitting at home throwing darts at scripts.

The legendary Spanish filmmaker has just changed his mind again, throwing a brand new, untitled script into the mix with the vengeance drama La piel que habito that he was already considering.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that La piel is completely off the burner – but it’s has temporarily been replaced in his professional focus by a new movie. "The new story has characters from a universe which is familiar to me and makes me feel more involved,” he explained to Variety. We’re guessing it’s a female dominated universe, because guess who he’s considering for the lead? Yeah, Penelope Cruz. You saw that one coming, didn’t you?

Also likely to appear are Blanca Portillo from Volver and Bad Education’s Lluis Homar.

Don’t write off La piel (an adaptation of the French novel Mygale) just yet, though, as Almodovar clearly intends to still get it made eventually, once he’s locked down the script. And even if he does shift it back to the front of the line, Cruz doesn’t need to worry. She’d be the lead in that, too. "Pedro's call is the one I'm waiting for most," she declared to the trade mag. What, not the Reader’s Digest Prize Draw or Matthew McConaughey dialling drunk?

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