Peacemaker finale brings in some major, "awesome" DC cameos

Peacemaker (2022)
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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Peacemaker episode 8! Turn back now if you haven't caught up on HBO Max!

The Peacemaker finale is here, and it's brought with it some major DC cameos.

Towards the end of the episode, after the fight against the Butterflies is wrapped up, some significant heroes arrive on the scene to help out. Justice League members Superman, the Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman are revealed – though only Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa have their faces on show, with Superman and Wonder Woman in shadow (so it's highly unlikely Gal Gadot or Henry Cavill were on set).

Peacemaker says they're late, and tells Aquaman to go, uh, have relations with fish – which the Flash says isn't a rumor, but we're going to assume he's just joking around. As Christopher Smith and co. leave the scene, the Justice League (minus Batman and Cyborg) watch them go.

It's a huge moment for the DCEU, and fans have reacted accordingly.

"#Peacemaker finale was fantastic. Great end to a great first season. The show was definitely a massive surprise. This episode had some touching character moments, the shows best and most brutal action, and that Justice League cameo was hilarious. Great stuff!" said one tweet

"The Justice League showing up late to the final fight was the perfect way to end this season," agreed another

"OMG THE JUSTICE LEAGUE IN PEACEMAKER?!" asked one fan, while another was overwhelmed: "THE DCEU JUSTICE LEAGUE #Peacemaker just became the best comic book show of all time" 

"While the Justice League were flying to the ranch Batman was stuck in Gotham," joked someone else

"Seeing the Justice League showing up late to the final fight was the perfect way to end this season and awesome I loved it," said another

In fact, the Justice League weren't the only heroes referenced in the finale – Green Arrow got a namedrop. "GREEN ARROW DCEU CANON LETS GOOOOOO," was one reaction, and another tweet asked: "GREEN ARROW CANON IN THE DCEU ??? AND THE JUSTICE LEAGUE IS HERE ???" 

If the finale has you hungry for more Peacemaker, though, the good news is the series has been renewed for more. "That's right, #Peacemaker is coming back for Season Two. Thanks to Peter Safran, @JohnCena, our incredible cast & crew, our wildly supportive & lovely friends at @HBOMax – and mostly all of you for watching!" series creator James Gunn wrote on Twitter

The next DC project to arrive will be The Batman, which lands this March 4. While we wait, check out how to watch DC movies in order to get up to speed on the DCEU.

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