PC and 360 Haze "aren't being worked upon"

Haze script writer Rob Yescombe has dismissed all speculation that Haze would become anything but a PlayStation 3 exclusive, running contrary to earlier reports by Ubisoft that Haze was a PS3 exclusive just "for now."

"Those other versions aren't being worked upon," Yescombe responded when queried about the possibility of future PC and Xbox 360 versions.

"It's PS3 exclusive," he added.

Yescombe also stated that he wasn't worried about the limitations of a single-platform release and the size of PS3's install base.

"Now [gamers have] got a reason to buy a PlayStation 3, haven't they?" he said. "I would hope that Haze would motivate people to decide what console they would want to get."

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 3, 2008