Payday 3 teaser assures fans it's still coming in 2023 and getting a gameplay reveal "this summer"

Payday 3
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Payday 3 just got a four-second teaser trailer and the promise of proper gameplay reveal this summer, but maybe the most notable detail revealed today is that the game is still on track to launch in 2023.

Honestly, even calling the video below a 'teaser trailer' is a bit generous given how short it is, but the brief clip has been enough to get Payday fans very excited. In the video, a character shrouded in shadow - though he sure looks and sounds like Dallas - says "it's a simple job." Cut to the Payday 3 logo, and then: "Gameplay. This summer. Don't miss out."

"We’re now five months into the Year of Payday 3, with not a lot of info revealed about the game yet. This has been frustrating for a lot of you, but we promise you the wait will be worth it," developer Starbreeze says in a Steam blog accompanying the teaser. "Payday 3 is releasing later this year, and we’re getting ready to showcase a first look at Payday 3’s gameplay as well as more information about what you can expect very soon. This summer, to be more specific."

In its latest financial report, Starbreeze notes that the ESRB and PEGI age rating processes for Payday 3 have begun, as well as the verification process to ensure that the game can launch simultaneously on PC and consoles. The devs are also making plans for the "DLC-content [sic] that will be launched at regular intervals during the game’s lifetime."

"During April, we initiated our so-called transfer strategy," CEO Tobias Sjögren said. "This means we are dropping clues inside Payday 2 as to how the story of our heisters will continue in Payday 3. It is an important step not only to tie together the story between the games but also to build expectations from the player base for the upcoming release."

Starbreeze was teasing Payday 3 as far back as 2016, so fans of the co-op heist series have had a long wait for proper information - and given legal and financial troubles at the company over the past few years, there was reason to be skeptical about whether the game would ever come out. Back in 2021, Starbreeze announced it had secured the funding necessary to ensure Payday 3's launch in 2023, and it seems the company remains committed to that release window.

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