Paramount Plus UK: how to watch and should you switch?

Paramount Plus
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Paramount Plus has hit the UK, with the streaming service launching on our shores some 15 months after it first spun off from CBS All Access in the US. That means a whole vault of new content just opened up, so it's time to sack off the sun and check out the delights of this new streamer. 

Try Paramount Plus for free in the UK

Watch Paramount Plus for free in the UK with a 7 day trial. This trial period will auto-renew at a rate of £6.99 per month. 

The Paramount Plus UK price is £6.99 per month - decidedly cheaper than other options from Netflix (£10.99), Now (£9.99) and Disney Plus (£7.99). You can also pick up an annual subscription for £69.90 - a saving of roughly 16% over the month to month price. At the moment, you can watch Paramount Plus in the UK from your phone, browser, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon account, or Samsung TV platform (we're still awaiting word from Virgin as to when a native app will be available). However, Sky customers don't need to worry about all that.

Paramount Plus is free for Sky Cinema members, with the service included in the bundle from day one. To watch via Sky, simply head over to the Sky Cinema channel on your Sky box. It's worth noting, though, that those who have purchased a pass via Now TV will not be eligible for this freebie.

Instead, if you're looking to watch Paramount Plus for free in the UK, you'll need to join the rest of us in a seven day free trial - currently available for all new customers (so everyone).


Paramount Plus | £6.99 per month / £69.90 per year
Paramount Plus comes in at £6.99 per month, well under the costs of competitors Netflix and Now TV. However, you can save even more by going for an annual pass, effectively bringing the monthly cost down to around £5.80.

What's on Paramount Plus?

Halo TV show

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Paramount Plus has had a while to build up a bank of content before heading over to the UK, which means there's plenty to sink your teeth into right from the start. The service pulls together shows from a range of networks; MTV, Comedy Central, Showtime, Paramount Pictures, and Nickelodeon. Highlights include the new Halo TV series, all three seasons of Yellowstone (not to be confused with another item on the roster, Yellowjackets), Star Trek, and Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber. 

Should you switch to Paramount Plus?


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If you've exhausted your Netflix watch list, scoured Prime Video's free offerings, and grown tired of hopping between Now TV passes, it might be worth checking out this new selection of shows and movies. Paramount Plus is well priced in the UK, compared to other services. That £6.99 monthly cost undercuts everyone apart from Prime Video, Apple TV+, and Hayu, and offers a solid wealth of content for your cash as well.  

With a seven day free trial up for grabs, there's nothing stopping you from sampling the delights before you cancel your previous service as well. However, there's a slight catch here. 

Viewers are only able to watch Paramount Plus in the UK in Full HD resolution, with 5.1 sound at the moment. Over in the US, 4K resolution and Dolby Atmos support is reserved for a premium tier of membership (for around $5 more per month), a tier that hasn't yet launched over the pond. This will likely be added to the offering in the future, but if you want to make the most of your shiny 4K TV it might be worth diving back into other services' back catalogues for now. 

Paramount+ UK FAQs

What is the Paramount Plus price in the UK?

Paramount Plus costs £6.99 per month in the UK, or £69.90 per year, saving you just over 16% overall. There is also a seven day free trial available to test the service. 

How to watch Paramount Plus in the UK

After subscribing you can watch Paramount Plus on Apple and Android devices, through your web browser, on Apple TV devices, Roku and Chromecast streamers, and Amazon Fire Stick. 

How to get Paramount Plus on Sky

Sky customers have access to Paramount Plus for free if they are subscribed to Sky Cinema. If you have Sky Q or the Sky Glass TV, you'll be able to load up a native Paramount Plus app on your TV and sign in on other devices to watch through your Sky account. 

If you're a Sky customer with a Sky+ box, you will have access to a range of shows and movies from the channel without having full access to the app itself. That means you'll be able to view content through your Sky box. 

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