Paramount Plus is half-price with this great 12-month seasonal offer

Paramount Plus seasonal offer
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Sick of Netflix? Bored of Amazon Prime Video? Frustrated with ads coming to Disney Plus. Well, Paramount Plus has a terrific seasonal offer for anyone curious about trying out the new streaming service. It's so good we'd say if you're thinking about subscribing to any streaming platform, Paramount Plus is the one to go for right now.

For any new and returning subscribers, a Paramount Plus annual membership is available for $24.99 (with ads). That's a big saving of $25 (50%) from the typical $49.99-a-year price, or a saving of $34.89 (58%) when compared to the $4.99 monthly fee. You also get one week of additional streaming thrown in for free. Pretty sweet.

Better yet, you can walk away with a Paramount Plus annual membership (ad-free) at only $49.99. For comparison, that's an even larger half-price saving when compared to the ad package, with a $50 reduction in price. If opting for the monthly cost of $9.99, this then nets you a saving of $69.89 (58%). Either way, it frees up a lot of cash and brings down your streaming outgoings for 2023. 

Since launching in 2021, Paramount Plus has continued to grow exponentially. It's added more original series and quicker cinema to streaming releases, such as Everything Everywhere All At Once, Smile, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The upcoming Yellowstone prequel – starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren – is one of the biggest highlights set to release this December. You've also got the original Halo and Star Trek: Picard series, so it's a great time to jump in.  

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Paramount Plus Essential (with ads) | $49.99

Paramount Plus Essential (with ads) | $49.99 $24.99 a year
Save $25 - This seasonal offer for Paramount Plus Essential is too good to pass up, reducing the price by 50% when compared to the usual RRP and 58% when compared to the monthly price. You must be a new or returning subscriber. The deal expires on January 2nd, 2023.

Paramount Plus Premium (ad-free) | $99.99

Paramount Plus Premium (ad-free) | $99.99 $49.99 a year
$50 - For anyone wanting an ad-free experience, the Paramount Plus Premium tier is 50% off as well. When compared to the monthly fee, this is a saving of $69.89. You must be a new or returning subscriber. The deal expires on January 2nd, 2023.

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