Palworld fixes "an issue that caused all Pal attacks to deal only half the intended damage," confirming the survival game community's suspicions

Three sheep from Palworld stand behind machine guns
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Over a week after Palworld's last big patch, developer Pocketpair has confirmed what the community already suspected: Pal damage got a big, big nerf. Luckily, that nerf was accidental and it's now been fixed with a new update.

Palworld v0.2.2.0 is now available on Steam (the Xbox version of the patch is still forthcoming). The devs say in the patch notes that they have "corrected an issue that caused all Pal attacks to deal only half the intended damage." 12 days feels like a pretty long time to go before fixing an update like that, but hey, this is still an Early Access game, after all.

Players began to notice that something was wrong with Pal damage pretty quickly after the last patch hit, with sporadic testing and anecdotes suggesting that, yeah, DPS had been cut roughly in half following the update. The intended changes from that patch were so widely praised that it seemed to take a while before the community realized Pal damage had gone down, but today's fix confirms those slowly growing suspicions.

The only people who aren't entirely thrilled about the update are those who had committed to beating the highest-tier Bellanoir with the old damage numbers. "I am so pissed that I only did it after the damage fix," as one Reddit user says.

For now, all eyes are on the Xbox version of Palworld, which remains in a bit of a state. From there, it looks like the devs are focusing on what amounts to a Palworld version of Pokemon Stadium.

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