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OXM Poll: Which of these Xbox One exclusives do you want to see get a sequel?

For our new issue, OXM wants your opinions. Every month, we ask you a simple question, and your answers will make up a piece of the papery puzzle.

One minute an exclusive game is being touted as the killer app that will make your console an unstoppable slaughtering machine (in sales). The next it's all but forgotten, doomed to the CliffNotes of gaming history. But which of these games deserves a sequel?

We've gathered seven Xbox One exclusives, from the stunning Ori & the Blind Forest, to the slightly less stunning Fighter Within (we've left out games that are sequels or that have new entries in the pipeline). Which one do you want to see more of? More Kalimba? More Ryse? More whatever the hell D4 was? Let us know in the poll below!

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