Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020 begins December 15

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020
(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020 event has been given a date and you can start feeling the Christmas joy in the shooter from December 15 to January 5 2021. 

A tweet from the official account shared a teaser trailer for the event which is featured below. 

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In the trailer, players can see a festive scene complete with snow (ahem, a blizzard if you will), a Christmas Tree, and even some presents tucked underneath it. Snowball – Mei’s robot companion then slides into frame and can be seen hovering over some golden eggs for the remainder of the video.

Fans' initial reactions are positive, with many requesting new festive skins for characters such as Orisa, D.Va, and Mercy. With one fan even going as far as creating a mock-up Reindeer concept art for Orisa.

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Alongside this announcement, the Overwatch Twitter account also released a first look at Mei’s new skin for the event, which sees the character decked out in a full-body penguin costume with Snowball also sporting a penguin reskin. Some fans aren't as impressed with this though, criticising the new skin by noting that it bears a resemblance to Toy Story 2’s Al's chicken outfit.

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Overwatch regularly holds annual events including the recently finished Halloween Terror Event, as well as the Summer Games event, and an event to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

This will be the game’s fifth Winter Wonderland Event, and if it's anything like previous years, players can expect festive skins, new game modes, and other cosmetic additions. 

Find out more about Overwatch’s past events by reading our Summer Games event coverage and if you're in the market for Christmas gifts make sure to check our best gifts for gamers guide.  

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