Overcooked studio says "something's cooking" for Overcooked 2 in Twitter tease

(Image credit: Team17)

The studio behind the highly-chaotic Overcooked series is teasing something new for the franchise, but it's hard to decipher exactly what.

Over on Team 17's official Twitter account, you'll see a mostly-blacked-out image with a small, splat-shaped window. The caption reads "Something new is coming to #Overcooked2," most likely suggesting some sort of DLC pack.

(Image credit: Team 17)

The tweet by Team 17 is incredibly vague, leaving open a huge window of possibility as to what could be coming to Overcooked 2.

Overcooked 2 is a wildly hectic co-op game where you're paired up with a friend in a kitchen, tasked with working together to push out plates of food at a breakneck pace. GamesRadar's Sam Loveridge had this to say about Overcooked 2 in her review:

"Everything's on fire, and there's meat everywhere. It's clear, as the timer starts blinking red furiously, that my sous chef and I might have to restart this level. Our burger making expedition hasn't exactly gone to plan, and it's mainly because we keep falling down chasms and getting caught out by the rotating plank of fry stations and plates. But that's just part of the manic, and regularly rather messy, fun of Overcooked 2."

The last DLC we got for Overcooked 2 was in December with the Winter Wonderland update, which blanketed the game with a festive layer of snow and icing.

We named Overcooked 2 one of the best local multiplayer Switch games to ruin your friendships with.

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