Watch the dark sci-fi trailer for Outriders, the new co-op shooter from the Bulletstorm studio

The Bulletstorm studio's new co-op shooter Outriders finally got its official debut at the Square Enix E3 2019 stage. It's a one-to-three player online game set on a hostile alien world and it's coming in summer 2020. Even though People Can Fly aren't ready to show us much of the game yet, it's a pretty intriguing concept. and even though they're not ready to show us much of it yet, it still looks pretty exciting.

The cinematic trailer follows a three-person team as they explore a strange alien world while shooting at a whole lot of stuff with their semi-futuristic guns. Then one of them gets tired of shooting at things and shoots a damn fireball out of her hand. So special powers are a "check" then - and you'll be able to create your own character, so you may even get to choose what kind of space magic you go flinging around.

Square Enix and People Can Fly put out a developer diary video that teases more of an inside look at the game, including a few ever-so-brief teases of a third-person perspective.

"Outriders draws on all our experience from all our previous titles," creative director Bartosz Kmita says in the video. "It's a game we wanted to make for a very long time. We describe Outriders as a dark, modern shooter built with traditional values. By that I mean we're creating an experience with a strong story that you can enjoy with your friends or on your own."

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