Our Disc Picks Of The Week

Andy recommends... The Sopranos: Deluxe Boxset

Yes, it’s TV, but it’s the most movieish TV this side of The Wire. Hollywood has spent decades trying to nail the mystique of the mob, but it took a TV series to skewer both the public swagger and private humanity. Smart, funny, adult, intelligent, vicious, sexy, essential.

Chris recommends… Casino (Blu-Ray)

‘nuff said, other than Robert Richardson’s cinematography looks incredible on the rich HD format. Go. Buy. Now.

Check out Casino film page for more information.

Sam recommends... Wall-E

It could end up being Pixar’s first Best Picture nomination and deservedly so, it’s as well written, shot and performed as any other flick released this year. An essential addition to any collection.

Check out Wall-E film page for more information.