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Our favorite gaming chair - the Secretlab Omega - is 30% off right now US and UK

Secretlab Omega is 30% off for Black Friday

What's that noise? Oh, right, it's your ass telling you to buy a a new gaming chair this Black Friday. You sit on it for hours at a time playing Red Dead 2 so, quite frankly, it deserves a bit of respect. Good news, then, that the Secretlab Omega and the Secretlab Omega Softweave gaming chairs are both heavily discounted this Black Friday. The Omega is going for $309 (saving 29%), and the Omega Softweave is going for $349 (save 23%). We love both these chairs, but it's the Softweave version that sits (pun intended) at the top of our best gaming chairs guide. We've tested both extensively, and absolutely swear by the Omega series. And don't worry if you live in the UK, because you get the discounts too. In fact, you get 30% off the Omega, and 24% off the Softweave.

Secretlab Omega gaming chair is £279 (save 30%)
If you're in the UK you get the same deal - the Omega for £121 less. The deal lasts for Black Friday weekend only, so you should get involved. It's free delivery too.View Deal

Secretlab Omega gaming chair is $319 (save $121)
A wonderfully comfy, flexible, and supportive gaming chair. It looks stylish and this weekend only you save 29%. And yes you get free delivery on your order.View Deal

Gaming chairs tend to be quite expensive, if you're picking up a decent one, so saving money on something like the Omega makes a whole lot of sense. It's one of the areas of gaming where you really do get what you pay for. A cheap chair will only offer a certain level of comfort or support, whereas the more expensive ones - like the Omega - just feel way better to sit in. The Softweave version of the Omega is actually our favorite, because the fabric is softer and more cushioned, but the core Omega is almost as cosy. But we get it, chairs are expensive, so read our review of the Omega here, and the Omega Softweave here. We take our ass-comfort seriously, and so should you.

Perhaps you're wondering if you'll see better bargains during the Black Friday game deals. Well, we haven't seen any better so far, and this is a damn good saving on a damn good chair. We recommend buying, if you're in the market for this chair.

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