Secretlab Omega 2020 review: stylish gaming chair range is well-suited to work and play

secretlab omega review
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While undeniably on the pricey side, the range of style options available and adaptability features make the Secretlab Omega 2020 a worthy investment for working and playing at home in comfort.


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    Impressive adjustability options

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    Comfortable for work and play

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    Excellent selection of styles


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    Armrest padding is a bit hard

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The Secretlab Omega series has been in hot demand all year with many of its most popular styles and licensed tie-ins selling out on a regular basis. And now I've spent a few months using one it's easy to see why as it's one of the best gaming chairs money can buy.

We certainly wouldn't overlook these (admittedly quite large) gaming chairs if you're not a desk-riding PC gamer, though. I've been using a Secretlab Omega for the last few months now that I'm working from home a lot, and have found the chair an excellent replacement for my old one to sit in for a full workday and then continue to use for play later on. Heck, I've even wheeled it in front of the TV, put it in recline mode, and enjoyed it for console gaming (it's certainly one of the best gaming chairs for PS4) or even just for lying back and listening to music. It's genuinely helped me put off upgrading my sofa a bit longer.

Secretlab Omega - Assembly

While two people are recommended to put the Secretlab Omega chair together, it's very doable with one. I was able to put up mine in about 30 minutes. Having an extra person to lift the main body of the chair to finally click it into the pedestal would have been handy, but I never felt like I was pushing my luck.

When you initially open the box (and it's huge, by the way), you're warned about making sure not to touch the recline lever at all during assembly. I assume this would have locked it into place prematurely and been difficult or maybe impossible to reset. Or perhaps given how sharply the chair bolts upright when resetting a recline mode (after assembly), it might have been more to do with not losing a finger. Either way, the wide protective banner warning me not to touch the lever was so large I couldn't even see the thing I wasn't mean to be touching, so I've certainly had less nerve-racking experiences building a chair.

Otherwise, the other assembly instructions were clear enough and it was nice to see that the armrests were already attached to the chair as they're typically the most annoying part to add, especially if they attach to both the seat and backrest of the chair. Thankfully, they don't here.

As a final touch, all the 2020 Omega series of gaming chairs now come with two memory foam accessories. That includes a headrest with a strap and a formed lumbar cushion. Both can be removed if you like, but I found the chair much more comfortable with them.

How comfortable is the Secretlab Omega?

secretlab omega review

Thankfully for a chair of this price, it's extremely comfortable and does a great job of maintaining your posture if you're working at your desk. But of course, you can set it up for a more casual position too. 

The main seat is packed with a 'cold-cure foam mix' wrapped in PU leather. It's not too soft but has just enough give to keep you in a decent position while also ensuring you won't feel the need to add a cushion to sit on. The leather's matte finish is surprisingly cool during hotter weather compared to many PU chairs I've tried over the years, too. Unfortunately, the concave-surround edges are solid with no give, so you won't find yourself able to comfortably curl up in the chair by pulling your knees up and side-sitting like you would on a flatter surface. 

The leather covering the back of the chair seems to be equally durable. I've accidentally scuffed the chair in a few doorways or against other hard surfaces and never noticed it leave a mark. My cat sometimes puts her paws on it when pestering me for food, with her claws clearly gripping, but I've not seen any telltale marks in the leather's surface either - yet, that is.

The 4D armrests can be adjusted in multiple ways. Height is easily altered by some stylish chrome paddles on the outside. An inside trigger can then move them sideways, towards or away from you. And a button on the end allows you to point the armrests away or inwards at an angle. Inwards is quite handy for holding a controller, while outwards is presumably for giving blood or just posing in your new gaming throne. There's no option to tilt them up, however, which might have been handy depending on the height of your desk/table at home. The armrests are padded, but they're quite hard and would have benefitted from being a little softer. 

The Secretlab Omega's versatility is greatly enhanced by the recline level which makes it super simple to sit bolt-upright or send it back all the way. Tweak that to suit with the tilt-loosening knob underneath the chair and you can give the chair a bit of 'rock-back' tilt without having to use the recline lever. You can also have this super loose so it does it anytime you lean back into the chair, or tight enough that you can push yourself back with your feet if needed, or just set it to stay solid. 

Last but not least, the chair itself is very quiet. There are absolutely no loose parts rattling whenever you move the chair or plonk yourself into it. The PU caster wheels run smoothly too and won't leave marks on hard floor surfaces.

Secretlab styles

secretlab omega league of legends akali

Usually with a gaming chair review, we'd show you a few photos and mention what colors it comes in. You're really spoiled for choice with Secretlab though, as the company has lots of specially-designed chairs to cover multiple licenses, all with rather subtle designs that never come off as garish (ok, we're ignoring the candy pink one for the sake of our argument there).

The designs aren't just printed on either. They're fully embroidered onto the surface of the chair, and the surround stitching on the edges really pop with the range of color schemes. The suede-like material on the inside edges of our seat is a lovely touch of luxury, too.

Prices for the standard models start around $419 / £349 for basic color schemes, but your options really open up at $449 / £379 with lots of variants inspired by the likes of Game of Thrones, Batman, Joker, League of Legends, eSports teams, Overwatch, Warcraft, and more. We have the Akali League of Legends one with a lovely green / black design and a stunning dragon motif on the back (see image above). 

Want to see for yourself? You can check out the full range at the Secretlab website store.

Secretlab Omega's height and weight recommendations

secretlab omega game of thrones

If you're upgrading from a traditional low-backed chair at your home office (or maybe the kitchen / living room table if 2020 has forced your hand), then just be aware that all Secretlab chairs (most 'gaming chairs' actually) are much taller than you might be expecting and can be a tad awkward to get past if you're in a small room. 

Which Secretlab size should you buy, then? The Secretlab Omega is the smallest of the brand's gaming chairs and if you head over to the site you can enter your height and weight to be guided towards the one that'll suit you best.

For the Secretlab Omega, it's recommended for people up to 180cm tall (5'11"), weighing no more than 110kg (240lbs). As for the next size up, the Secretlab Titan, that's recommended for heights of 175-200cm (5'9"-6'7") with weights up to 130kg (290lbs). And finally, we have the Titan XL for 180-208cm (5'11"-6'10") and weights of 100-180kg (220-390lbs). While I haven't tested the Titan series, they look very similar and carry the same features, although the XL doesn't have as many patterned styles to choose from. It's also worth noting that there's less of a concave surround on the Titans on the seat itself with the side edges being much, much lower, so you're not going to feel like your thighs are squeezed in as much as they might with the Omega and you might even be able to tuck your knees up on those.

Overall - should you buy it?

The Secretlab Omega is the most versatile gaming chair on the market, and it's more than up to the task of seeing you through a day of work before you kick back and play some games, be it at that same desk, or in front of the TV. And with such a rich range of styles to choose from, it'll look damn good for any purpose.

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