Secretlab Omega Softweave Review: "Comfortable, supportive, and surprisingly rugged"

The updated Omega is a fantastic gaming chair with fabric that lives up to its name

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A minor but welcome upgrade to one of the best gaming chairs on the market


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    Comfy, supportive, with incredible soft fabric

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    Remarkably adjustable

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    Sturdy and substantial


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    Prominent logo placement detracts from the aesthetic lines of the chair

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In just a few years of existence, Secretlab has become synonymous with high quality, comfortable gaming chairs. The latest iteration of their Omega model, this time with the addition of plush, durable Softweave fabric, improves (if only slightly) on an already excellent formula - an office/gaming chair that's ridiculously comfortable, supportive, and surprisingly rugged. It's an automatic addition to our list of the best gaming chairs available and one of the best chairs I've had the pleasure to sit in.

We've also written about the standard version of this chair without the softweave fabric in our Secretlab Omega review. The finish is different, obviously, but personally I'm a big fan of the new Softweave fabric, so I actually prefer this newer model. Here's why.

Secretlab Omega Softweave  - Construction  

Why you can trust GamesRadar+ Our experts review games, movies and tech over countless hours, so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about our reviews policy.

The Omega Softweave arrives in a massive, very heavy box (your delivery person may be very upset with you if there are any significant number of stairs involved). Inside, however, there's very little wasted space, and everything comes neatly packed and arranged, including an Allen key/Phillips screwdriver combo that's the only tool you'll need to assemble it. The M8 screws and other kit that you'll need is stashed in an easy to open plastic case, and the levers, side panels, and hydraulic piston/sleeve are compactly stored in a nice secondary box. As with the base Omega 2018, there's also a very welcome, full color assembly guide that leads you with text and illustrations through the assembly.

The assembly itself is very simple, and took me working by myself under 15 minutes from the moment I sliced open the tape on the shipping box to the finished product. While the instructions recommend having a second pair of hands for an assist, I didn't encounter any major snags working by myself (though I would've preferred if the side brackets on the seat, onto which you mount the backrest, had been aligned vertically, instead of having to muck with the dangerously high tension adjustment handle). Everything snaps or screws easily into place, and I didn't encounter any issues with awkward alignment or difficult to center screwholes.

Each piece of the Omega Softweave is sturdy and substantial, and they're joined with heavy duty, industrial quality bolts and brackets. Even the plastic pieces and the casters are well made and highly functional, and the much touted Softweave fabric lives up to the marketing. It's soft to the touch and stretched across a supportive foam that supports your back admirably along with the optional lumbar and neck pillows, which themselves are incredibly plush and velvety. 

Secretlab Omega Softweave - Adjustability

As with its predecessor, the Omega Softweave is a remarkably adjustable chair that can be tilted or oriented to suit almost anyone. The base rises or sinks on a powerful gas piston, the entire unit can be tilted to a remarkable degree, and the backrest can also be independently tilted to match the contours of your body. The additional memory foam pillows feel like a part of the chair when you've settled into them and require little in the way of adjustment once they're fitted into place.

Also like the previous Omega, the Softweave features Secretlab's 4D armrests, so you can rotate and tilt them to your heart's content. I prefer armrests snugly against the sides of the chair, but they can also be laterally adjusted if you're more comfortable with a wider wingspan. 

Secretlab Omega Softweave - Design

The Softweave's profile will look very familiar to owners of the base Omega, with lines designed to emulate those of a racing seat. While it's a large chair, it doesn't look bulky, due in large part to the sleek curvature of the backrest and the slender posts propping up each armrest. The Softweave model is available in charcoal, with the logo and stitching picked out in vibrant blue, or 'cookies and cream,' a grey design with black accents. I personally prefer the black, red, and gold of the 2018 Omega, but these color schemes work well enough together, particularly if you're a fan of the checked look of the Softweave fabric, which mimics the look of trendy streetwear. 

It's an attractive chair, though the prominence of the logo pushes it right up to the edge of garish. It would certainly look at home in an eSports arena or on a gaming stream, though it might fit in a staid office setting. It's a chair obviously designed to complement a modern gaming setup, reflecting fluctuating RGB lighting from your PC's liquid cooling kit, mechanical gaming keyboard, or the best gaming mouse.

Overall - should you buy it?

If you're already an owner of the 2018 version of the Omega, the Softweave isn't such a revolutionary leap forward that I'd recommend upgrading. But if you're in the market for a gaming chair that's incredibly comfortable, supportive, and can be modified to perfectly suit your body, it's a spectacular choice, and the soft, yielding fabric puts it just a half-step ahead of its predecessor. 

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