One Diablo 4 player has calculated when and where every World Boss, Helltide, and Legion Event will spawn

DIablo 4's Inarius close to smiting down a foe
(Image credit: Blizzard)

A Diablo 4 player has managed to prove how predictable certain in-game events actually are.

Those events would be the World Bosses, Helltides, and Legion Events found throughout Blizzard's new game. One Reddit user, who actually operates a tracking site that logs the patterns and locations of every Diablo 4 in-game event has brought their discovery and methodology to a bigger audience.

They've managed to pinpoint, using accumulated data, when and where every World Boss will spawn, and even which World Boss will spawn. "It will be 3 Ashavas in a row, 2 Wandering Deaths, 3 Avarices, 2 Ashavas, 3 Wandering Deaths, 2 Avarices, then loops back to 3 Ashavas," the user explains.

As for Helltides, the user not only provides the timings for when Helltides activate, but also which chests will be open when in every region in Diablo 4. There's fully annotated maps for locations like the Dry Steppes, the Fractures Peaks, Scosland, and more.

Finally, there's the timings for Legion Events provided via tracked data. They come about either every 30 or 33 minutes, and although there isn't a full map for every Legion Event right now, the hard-working user is planning on generating them within the next day or so.

This is a massive undertaking, and requires a serious amount of dedication and resources to pull together schedules and maps. If you're looking for a tracker on World Bosses or other events, you'll really want to keep an eye on this user.

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