No True Blood cameo for Snoop Dogg

The rapper shouldn't head down south to film a cameo on the vampire show just yet say cast members

He might have proved himself the world's most surprising True Blood geek by penning a song about his love for Sookie Stackhouse, but rapper, fashionista and, erm, eccentric Snoop Dogg shouldn't expect to appear in the popular TV show.

Speaking at Bitten, the UK's first True Blood convention held in Northampton at the weekend, Sam Trammell (Sam) and Kristin Bauer (Pam) were adamant the bling-tastic rapper would not be popping up in Merlotte's any time soon.

In a question and answer session, Trammell told the 250 attendees: "Apparently Snoop has wanted to be on the show from the beginning, but I don't think Alan Ball is going to let that happen. Having such a high profile person appear in the show, I think it would take us all out of Bon Temps. He doesn't need to cast Snoop Dogg to get people to watch. "

Kristin Bauer added: "A lot of times on TV when ratings dip they go for stunt casting. It's not a good thing, and we definitely don't need that yet."

There was a crumb of comfort for Mr Dogg, when Tramell added: "We're glad he watches and likes the show though."

Watch Snoop's (slightly innuendo-tastic and probably not safe for work) "Oh Sookie" homage here, and see whether you end up marvelling or cringeing at the depth of his Stackhouse love. Yes, it's a shameless excuse to post it again, but frankly it's Monday so a good time to bring the funny.

For information on Bitten 2, to be held in August 2011, go to

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