No 20GB PS3 in UK

Saturday 13 May 2006
Sony won't be releasing the 20GB version of its PS3 when the console launches in the UK on 17 November, according to one high street retailer.

Sony announced at its E3 conference on Monday that it would be launching its PS2 successor in two different versions - a premium, 60GB hard drive package and a less expensive 20GB version that, in addition to the smaller storage device,would also lack some key features.

However, while UK games store gamestation is already offering pre-orders for Sony's new machine, its customers are only able to put a holding deposit down on the more expensive 60GB model, which it has marked up at a price of £425.

When we contacted gamestation to ask why it wasn't taking pre-orders for the 20GB deal, we were told in no uncertain terms that it was because Sony wouldn't be releasing the slightly more wallet-friendly bundle in the UK.

We weren't offered any explanation as to why the 20GB would be unavailable, so we'll just have to wait for Monday morning when Sony will hopefully throw some light on the matter.

Matt Cundy
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